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Covering the demands of low-wage workers

BY SHARON WITTKE / Since last November, low-paid McDonald’s, Wendy’s and Burger King employees periodically have walked picket lines car­rying signs that read “Supersize Our Wages” and “Living Wages – Not Endless War” to bring national attention to the plight of the country’s low-wage earners. By the end of July, a series of rolling strikes hit the fast-food chains in the Midwest, with workers in St. Louis, Kansas City, Chicago, Detroit, Milwaukee and Flint, Mich., demanding an increase in the minimum wage.

GJR book review: Media’s sharp words leave deep cuts in society

BY SHARON WITTKE / When conservative pundit Bill O’Reilly called him “one of the biggest race-baiters in the country,” Eric Deggans turned the epithet into the title for his new book, “Race-Baiter: How the media wields dangerous words to divide a nation.”