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GJR Vol. 45 (336)


“The deadline dilemma,” by William A. Babcock

“Ferguson: National media fall short,” by William H. Freivogel

“Upholding journalistic ethics, not so easy,” by Charles L. Klotzer

“Trials and tribulations of a political cartoonist,” by Jeff Danziger

“Freelance journalists cover global hot spots,” by Jackie Spinner

“Journalism safety,” by Maggie Mosely-Snelling

“Journalism in Ukraine: professionalism v. patriotism,” by Katerina Sirinyok-Dolgaryova

“Ebola reminds us perception is reality,” by Benjamin Lyons

“Unraveling truth from fiction in reporting on China,” by Lu Fan

“Chinese media go on ‘tiger hunt'” by Lu Fan

“Ferguson coverage: news or ‘the narrative’?” by Terry Ganey

“TV journalist looks back on Ferguson,” by Mike Colombo

“Ferguson: ethics, citizen journalism and social media,” by Sarah Gardner

“National media overkill,” by Patty Louise

“Simplistic sports stories,” by Scott Lambert