[Opinion]…and a P.S.

Speaking or printing the word is generally regarded as virtually taboo as the word is considered to be a viciously hostile epithet. So vile, in fact, that one is hard-pressed to think of a time this century that it has appeared in the print media or been uttered in a televised or broadcast news program.…

Media narrative misleading

All it takes is a picture and a story that can enrage a large portion of our society and you have the ability to create a national controversy. Who cares whether the story is true or the image represents reality. In today’s age, the ability to draw Internet hits and the opportunity to further your…

Time for media to cease coronating sports stars

We thought we knew Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning. We’d all seen the television commercials, we all know that Nationwide is on your side, that Peyton might be making our Papa John’s pizza and that, despite his football excellence and his March retirement after winning his second Super Bowl, Manning was everything we have come…

How the sports world turns, and the media turn

By SCOTT LAMBERT// It’s amazing to see how a single video of a man punching a woman in the face can change everyone’s perspective.

Months ago, Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice was suspended for two games for punching his now wife, Janay Palmer, after a video showed up of Rice dragging her out of an elevator.

Some media members complained then about the NFL’s leniency toward physically abusing your future wife. But, the NFL rode out the storm, claiming that the police did little about the case, so why should they?