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The hidden story of Citizens United

Aaron S. Veenstra, an assistant professor in the School of Journalism at Southern Illinois University, adds his perspective to a story written by William H. Freivogel titled “Election results show super PACs can’t buy Republican victories.”

Post-Dispatch column touches nerve in reader

A column written by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch’s Bill McClellan touched a nerve in at least one reader, who wrote a letter to the editor that begins: “I was startled to read Bill McClellan’s column, ‘Crime Czar,’ in which he declared that the solution to a perceived crime epidemic was to ‘declare martial law and suspend the Constitution’ and to mandate ‘racial profiling,’ ‘frisking … young black men’ without cause. He also thought it a good idea to jail African-American women, bridging both racial and gender bigotry.”

Writer says Stanford J-School still around

15 August 2011 Dear Editor: Congratulations on the publication of Gateway Journalism Review.   I’m looking forward to seeing more of this important effort to build on the work of Charles Klotzer and his highly regarded St. Louis Journalism Review. Meanwhile, I believe you owe your readers a correction and Stanford University an apology for the …