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Shimkus visits SIUC

Honesty.” That was the advice U.S. Rep. John Shimkus (R-Collinsville) had for journalism students at Southern Illinois University Carbondale last week.

The Dilemma Of A Writer’s Golden Years

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Book review: “Ugly War, Pretty Package”

Deborah L. Jaramillo’s book, “Ugly War, Pretty Package” is a close analysis of the cable news coverage of the early days of the war in Iraq. Although CNN and Fox News are often seen as left-leaning and right-leaning counterpoints in the world of cable news, respectively, Jaramillo argues there is more that makes them alike than different.

New book titles

An informal survey of journalists and academics resulted in a handful of suggested readings that update Sandburg’s 92-year-old list. It’s at least an interesting starting point for water cooler/barstool debates.

Carl Sandburg’s advice

More than a decade after St. Louis editor William Marion Reedy helped launch Carl Sandburg’s long career as a poet, Sandburg still saw himself as a journalist – and he offered advice to fellow newspapermen. His 1918-1919 series of essays, “Books the newspaperman ought to read,” ran in Pep, the monthly in-house magazine for Scripps’ Newspaper Enterprise Association around the time they hired him to cover World War I and the Russian Revolution.

Are news aggregators under fire?

Beware bloggers. The copyright trolls are on the loose, and apparently they’re gaining support. In late August,a Las Vegas-based company, Righthaven LLC, gained a second client in its campaign to sue bloggers for reposting clips of published, online news content.

Spokane Spokesman-Review gets new ethics code

Between 2005 and 2006, The Spokesman-Review newspaper experienced a firestorm of ethical criticism from its readers and the journalism community. In addition to the normal ethical challenges facing a daily metropolitan newspaper, Editor Steve A. Smith said the paper went through the troubling investigation of Spokane Mayor Jim West on abuse of power charges in 2005 that also involved alleged sexual relationships with young men.

The State of Journalism

Newspaper and media experts have spent the last couple of decades like navel-gazing philosophers – analyzing, explaining, charting and graphing the decline of old-fashioned journalism.

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