From time to time, GJR makes errors, and when we do, we will post a correction here.  If you notice an error in one of our stories, please let us know by posting your comment below, or send an email to  Thank you.


Here’s a correction we received about the GJR Fall 2013 edition in the “Editor’s Note” column on page 4  The response follows:

Hi Bill, 

I probably won’t be the only one who points out that your “Editor’s Note” on corrections misspelled a word in the lead paragraph.  The lead paragraph!!!!!

Dentyne is NOT spelled “Dentine.”

I’ll look forward to the correction in the next issue.  In the meantime, 1,000 lashes!


Lee Brown
Professor Emeritus
California State University, Long Beach


Dear Dr. Brown:

Yikes.  A spelling error in my column on corrections.  And I was talking about spelling errors no less.  Clearly I need to get you a package of Dentyne for you to sink your teeth into – and help you get the bad spelling error taste out of your mouth.  Sigh…