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Twitter explodes with invective, partisan comment after Ferguson shootings

By WILLIAM H. FREIVOGEL / Twitter provided the earliest reports of the shooting of two police officers in Ferguson this week. It also provided the forum for invective, hate and partisan reaction. President Barack Obama used Twitter to condemn the shootings and conservative critics condemned Obama for relegating his response to Twitter. Fox commentators blamed Attorney General Eric Holder’s report last week on unconstitutional police practices in Ferguson for creating the atmosphere in which the officers were shot. On Fox, Jeff Roorda, the head of the St. Louis police union said the resignation of Ferguson Chief Tom Jackson wasn’t enough for protesters, commenting, “They didn’t get what they wanted when Tom stepped down. They got it late last night when they finally, successfully shot two police officers.” Protest leaders and the Brown family condemned the violence in press conferences and on Twitter. But social media critics of the Ferguson police filled Twitter with invective about the police shootings being just in light of the death of Michael Brown. Meanwhile the Twitter handle for police supporters #bluelivesmatter was trending.

A newsie’s holiday season wish: Get those options off the table!

BY GEORGE SALAMON / “Iranian military commander tells Obama ‘all options are on the table’” Raw Story, March 16, 2013; “’All options are on the table’ in dealing with Iran,” Obama said, CBS News, March 20, 2013; “’All options are on the table,’” President Obama on Syria, USA Today, June 1, 2013; “’All options are on the table,’ Israeli Deputy Minister of Defense Danny Danon warned,” WND, November 24, 2013

Dr. Obama or: How to Live With and Love the Iranian Bomb according to the NYT and WSJ

BY GEORGE SALAMON / Media coverage can’t please either side on the Israel-Palestine or Israel-Iran conflicts. Once that’s accepted as a given, the differences in stories no longer garner much attention. The “liberal” media reveal bias for the Palestinian cause and are soft on Iran’s nuclear ambitions and goal of wiping the Zionist entity off the map. The “conservative” press expresses uncritical support for Israel and fails to recognize Iran’s legitimate quest to join the world’s nuclear powers club, which includes Israel. That’s the long-standing mantra of the complaints.