Author: Lu Fan

Chinese media lavish praise on Trump and his tweet

By Lu Fan The People’s Daily overseas edition compared the meeting between President Trump and Chinese President Xi to the historical visit of President Nixon to China 45 years ago. That hyperbolic comparison was in line with the rosy evaluations of the trip from the government-influenced Chinese media, which complained U.S. mainstream media had deceived

The view from China

By Lu Fan Chinese media think that U.S. and South Korean media are inaccurately framing relations between China and North Korea as China acting as big brother to the North. This inaccurate framing results in an expectation that China will take an important role in controlling North Korea’s nuclear program. It’s called “China’s responsibility theory.”

Asia media examine Trump: The view from China

by Lu Fan “Messy.” That’s the best word to describe coverage of Donald Trump in the Chinese media. As the new president acts so differently from his predecessors and has attracted so much public attention in China during the presidential campaign, media here spare no efforts to cover all the details of Trump – everything

Chinese media criticize American democracy

The New York Times posts a cartoon of China enjoying the boxing battle among U.S. presidential candidates with popcorn, and says, “The Chinese Communist Party uses every presidential election to excoriate American democracy for its failings.” ( ) This is the typical tone U.S. media employ when talking about China’s attitude on any negative news