Author: Michelle Zelli

Not your typical journalist’s memoir

Lucky Severson, Lucky From Virgin: An Unlikely Story, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2018 (Available only on Amazon on Kindle edition, $7.09, 390 pages.) Lucky Severson’s new book Lucky From Virgin is a memoir of sorts, but not in the typical fashion. There is no overarching storyline detailing his life. It seems to be broken up

Did we do that? The media’s responsibility of reporting on celebrity politicians

Most of my college career has been spent in one form or another in a newsroom. Now I spend a great deal of my time in newsrooms revolving around blunder after blunder of Donald Trump and his administration.  Every day there seems to be media coverage of some outlandish quote, tweet or action Trump has shared with the world.  While we as the media dutifully cover such events, I have never heard anyone