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Mizzou journalism faculty criticize MU chancellor for discouraging dissent

The following is a letter signed by 15 University of Missouri journalism faculty and sent to University of Missouri System president and chancellor Mun Choi. The letter came after Choi blocked students from his Twitter account. Freedom of expression, scrutiny of public officials and open government are bedrock principles of a democracy and of institutions

Clarence Thomas ‘documentary’ was no documentary

Clarence Thomas is not evil as many of his critics say nor the hero his backers worship.  He’s not the legal incompetent his detractors ridicule. Nor is he the legal visionary many conservatives describe. He’s not the Uncle Tom of racist caricatures drawn by some liberal cartoonists. But his vision of equality couldn’t be more

Freeport Doctrine helps Douglas win Illinois and lose nation

Freeport, Illinois, Aug, 27 The late August morning brought along a chilly rain. I have dressed the warmest I can, and I find it quite surprising to see such a crowd. Lining the street are Lincoln supporters; some of the crowd still is recovering from Douglas’ arrival the night before. As in Ottawa, Douglas arrived