Controversial subway photo sparks moral debate

Is an American photojournalist embedded with U.S. troops in a war zone first and foremost a journalist or an American? Is it clear-cut? Ever? How does one decide?

Ah, questions, questions.

But what about being a photojournalist or a human

being? And what about running a page-one photo of a man about to be run over by a subway train? These questions would seem much easier to answer. And when R. Ulmar Abbasi focused his energies on getting a dramatic photo rather than seriously attempting to save Ki Suk Han from being run over by a subway, and when the New York Post ran Abbasi’s photo, both the photojournalist and the paper were exposed as being inhuman. But in an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, Abbasi defended himself, saying he could not have reached the victim in time.

What do you think?

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