GJR Winter 2013 issue spotlights First Amendment issues

Editor's note: This is a preview of a story that will appear in the next print issue of Gateway Journalism Review.

By happy coincidence rather than clever planning, the Winter 2013 issue of Gateway Journalism Review is filled with stories about the full range of First Amendment issues in the news:

  • Should public school student journalists have free expression rights or be subject to censorship by the principal?
  • Should newspapers allow anonymous comments at the end of stories?
  • Should Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act give online sites greater legal protection than dead-tree cousins?
  • Should reporters be able to tweet from a courtroom?
  • Are colleges violating student free-speech rights by punishing intolerant speech?
  • How has the Citizens United Supreme Court case influenced elections, especially in Missouri and the Midwest where retired investment guru Rex Sinquefield has spent more than $23 million in the past four years on 170 candidates?
  • What is to be done about the plethora of false information that finds its way onto the Web and travels in a flash around the world?

This focus on free speech is fitting, because GJR just celebrated the First Amendment at its annual fundraiser in St. Louis.


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