Petraeus-Broadwell story exposes media double standard

Just a week after media gave prime coverage to the success of women during the general election and examined the power women have as voters, we see a backslide in how women are portrayed in media.

Following a week of news coverage of the David

Petraeus-Paula Broadwell story, we are left with a few questions related to how media talk about women:

1) Why isn’t there a male equivalent for mistress?

2) Why write a story titled “Why do women like powerful men?” Has anyone written a story titled “Why do men like powerful women?”

3) Why is Broadwell portrayed as the aggressor, the person who one Petraeus friend said “made herself available” to Petraeus? And why are so many women portrayed either as men’s property or as evil aggressors who bring down valiant leaders?

4) Why is the press commenting on Mrs. Patraeus’ old-fashioned hairstyle and Broadwell’s bare arms?

5) Why are articles promoting the FBI agent as a “lone ranger” seeking justice in the case but burying his own questionable ties to the people involved?

If you can answer these questions, please share.


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