St. Louis’ Channel 4 earns plaudits for parade coverage

Editor’s note: Tripp Frohlichstein, who previously was a St. Louis Journalism Review contributor, worked for Channel 4 from 1974 to 1986. He is approaching his 28th year in business as owner of MediaMasters, a company that specializes in training people to give better presentations, give better interviews to reporters and develop messaging.

Kudos to Channel 4 (KMOV) for its special “Veiled Profit Parade” coverage July 4. It was the perfect combination: broadcast a great civic event for all those who could not make it downtown (or did not want to) and have it paid for by sponsors. The production itself was excellent, with floats stopping in front of the station’s cameras for a good look – and often a musical performance as well. There appears to have been excellent planning between the parade organizers and the Channel 4 producers.

The commentary was solid, but not overbearing. The commentators often let viewers enjoy the music from marching bands instead of constantly talking. When they did talk, they had tons of interesting tidbits about the parade participants and the history of the event.

All of the talent did a good job, but Matt Chambers, the weathercaster and “Great Day” co-host, stood out. He seemed to be having a great time, and it made the broadcast that much more enjoyable.

Complain all you want (and I certainly do) about the problems with local television stations, but Channel 4’s entertaining and high-quality parade coverage shows the good side of what a local station can do for the community.

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