Abrams out at Trib

Lee Abrams resigned from the Chicago Tribune Friday. It’s not often you get to witness the media eating their own but in Abrams’ case, cannibalism was allowed.

Of course, the press never considered Abrams one of their own. Abrams was a radio guy whose ideas affected the radio business on a number of occasions.

Radio History: Bugs Henderson holds spot in radio lore

One recent day I was writing in my home office when a song came on the Internet radio that grabbed my attention. Bugs Henderson wrote it. He was singing about a disc jockey that made a huge impression on his life. My curiosity got the best of me and I set out to learn more …

Fox sues Carnahan over Fair Use

Fox News’ copyright suit against Robin Carnahan’s campaign may be the first time that a news organization has sued a candidate for use of its copyrighted content, experts say. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that the claim is frivolous, lawyers say.

Work In Radio? Why?

What advice would you give to someone who’s ready to graduate and who wants a job in broadcasting? What advice would you give to someone who has been “downsized” out of a media job and is looking for another gig? It appears that today’s jobs in media require many skills, long hours, low compensation, few …

Fall elections could be bad for Democrats

Labor Day marks the time to get more serious about predicting the outcome of the November national elections. Political scientists—including this one—have recently returned from the American Political Science Association Annual Meeting. In even-numbered years, there is invariably one or more sessions on projecting the outcome based on past trends and mid-to-late summer poll results.

Internet radio could continue to hurt broadcast radio

We are on the cusp of some new technology that will give you more options on your car radio, and a recent survey found a lot of people would change their listening habits. This could be yet another nail in the coffin of broadcast radio . . . or not. Those of us whose roots …

Stewart asks for reason, can the media follow?

Shhhhhh, listen closely. If you are really quiet and listen hard you will start to hear the voices of reason whispering in the maelstrom of the media’s political partisanship.

Sadly, the easiest voice to hear comes from a comedian.

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