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Gateway Journalism Review critically analyzes the mass media in the Midwest stretching from Ohio to Oklahoma and from North Dakota to Arkansas – and beyond. The publication’s goal is to regularly review journalism, new media, photojournalism, advertising, public relations and entertainment media to help ensure the public has the most credible, fair media possible.

GJR‘s comprehensive web site and quarterly print magazine are the phoenix of St. Louis Journalism Review, a publication with a St. Louis focus launched more than 50 years ago by Charles Klotzer. GJR will continue to report on the St. Louis media. Now residing at Southern Illinois University Carbondale, GJR draws upon the considerable student and faculty resources of the university’s School of Journalism in the College of Arts and Media.

GJR‘s staff welcomes your input, comments and suggestions, and we urge you to consider contributing to GJRyour journalism review. 

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St. Louis Journalism Review Board of Advisers

Jessica Brown, Robert A. Cohn, Don Corrigan, Rita Csapo-Sweet, John P. Dubinsky, Eileen Duggan, Ted Gest, William Greenblatt, Ray Hartmann, Charles Klotzer, Tammy Merrett, Avis Meyer, Steve Perron, Mark Sableman, Dan Sullivan

Gateway Journalism Review  (USPS 738-450 ISSN: 0036- 2972) is published quarterly, by Southern Illinois University Carbondale, School of Journalism, College of Mass Communication and Media Arts, a non-profit entity. The office of publication is SIUC School of Journalism, 1100 Lincoln Drive, Mail Code 6601, Carbondale, IL 62901 

Hong Chen: dean, College of Arts and Media

Jan Thompson: director, School of Journalism

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GJR hires graduate and undergraduate interns during the academic school year. We are committed to diversity and to a staff that represents our readership. Send resume and letter of interest to Jackie Spinner or apply through Handshake. Our internship applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Email Jackie Spinner

GJR accepts media-related pitches from scholars. Our magazine is a great outlet for tenure-track professors and other in academia who need published work. We pay our freelance contributors. 

We do not accept completed work that is unsolicited but will consider pitches from journalists that are focused on media in the Midwest. We prefer work that has a Midwestern angle.