Author: Amelia Blakely

Journalists fight Indiana governor’s attempt to stop reporting on his administration’s safety inspections at Amazon facilities

Journalists in Indiana are pushing back after Gov. Eric Holcomb ordered the state’s flagship newspaper, the Indianapolis Star, to stop publishing stories about his administration’s handling of worker safety investigations at Amazon facilities. Holcomb issued a cease-and-desist letter on Nov. 29 to the newspaper and the nonprofit news organization that reported the news.  The governor

Yamiche Alcindor’s Haitian heritage shapes her journalism

Yamiche Alcindor, White House correspondent for the PBS Newshour, was enjoying her day off from a grueling beat last year when her aunt called in tears. President Donald Trump had called her ancestral homeland of Haiti a “shithole.” “It reminded me, I don’t have the luxury to check out sometimes,” said the Miami-born Alcindor whose