Author: Avis Meyer

Lee scraps Post-Dispatch’s copy desk

A reflection And then there were none. The executives at Lee Enterprises, which bought the Post-Dispatch in 2005, have been sloughing off accomplished journalists, writers and copy editors, helter-skelter, like a pine tree shedding cones in a hurricane. And they’re still at it. Lee announced, on Feb. 16, that the few, the proud, the survivors

Nostalgic Reunion Of The Globe-Democrat

“Those were the days my friend; we thought they’d never end...” And although no one at the St. Louis Globe-Democrat’s recent reunion actually uttered that melancholy phrase — that was the tenor of the evening. The literati and glitterati, past and present, of that spittoon-laden, hurly-burly, competing-paper era gathered in St. Louis Saturday, Oct. 29.

Four Stalwarts Retire From Post-Dispatch

From hot lead to computers; from a p.m. newspaper to an a.m.; from Pulitzer ownership to Lee Enterprises, four veterans who have written and edited for a total of 135 years, recently walked out of the Post-Dispatch for the last time. It was a big loss of talent, experience and institutional memory. They are: Phil