Author: Christopher Heimerman

‘We are literally all in this together’

Gateway talked to industry professionals and press associations in eight Midwestern states, including Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois and Indiana. This story originally appeared in our spring 2021 issue. The following are some of the dispatches from these states. Missouri Mark Maassen takes umbrage with the University of North Carolina’s Hussman School of

Rockford Register Star executive reflects on 40-year career in journalism

Back when misinformation was a slow burn, as opposed to the raging inferno journalists are currently fighting, Mark Baldwin was already enlisting help to douse the flames. About 10 years ago, the recently retired executive editor of the Rockford Register Star began bringing Alan Miller of the News Literacy Project to Associated Press Media Editors

Covering the LGBTQ community, and its haters

CHICAGO – Adam Rhodes, the social justice reporter for the Reader, said the importance of re-examining how we cover anti-LGBTQ groups is matched by a reckoning with how we cover the gay community. “The media industry has just started to give a shit about trans people,” he said. “We’ve been trained to not care about