Author: John Jarvis

Young journalists grasp meaning of First Amendment

BY JOHN JARVIS / My 26-year journalism career has led to a collection of Facebook friends who either have been, or still are, in the same line of work. Because of this, I came across a post on a friend’s Facebook page a few days ago that grabbed my attention – and

Droning on: Unmanned aerial vehicles raise privacy concerns

BY JOHN JARVIS / Civil unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones, have left the realm of science fiction and are making their way into use by businessmen, law enforcement officials and newsgathering organizations in the United States. This drone use is stirring up privacy concerns at the state level, but because these drones are

Subtle but distinct differences in Pendleton shooting coverage

Before the nation heard of Hadiya Pendleton, the grim realities of Chicago’s gun violence had been largely overlooked by United States media outlets. Not anymore. The 15-year-old’s tragic shooting death in Chicago Jan. 29 highlighted the impact gangs and gun violence have had on the nation’s third-largest city. News coverage revealed that Pendleton, a high

GJR readers weigh in on online comments for news articles

Thanks to everyone who participated in Gateway Journalism Review’s survey about online comments for news articles. The first question in the survey asked, “Should news organizations ask for comments about online stories?” and 81.8 percent of the respondents said yes. For this question, one respondent wrote: “I don't know that they should necessarily solicit comments,

The phrase must go on – and on

If Americans have spent any time at all listening to news reports from Washington, one topic that’s been near the top of the story list has been the looming “fiscal cliff.” So what, exactly, does that mean?