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Newspapers are vanishing, leaving democracy at risk

Newspapers are dying. Young people aren’t reading them. Predatory hedge funds are buying them up, laying off reporters, milking them for profits and cutting home delivery. The result is that democracy is losing its eyes and ears and maybe its conscience.  That was a theme of Rick Goldsmith’s new documentary on the predatory consequences of

GJR honors publisher, editor of The St. Louis American with lifetime award

Dr. Donald M. Suggs has spent his lifetime accomplishing one achievement after another. He was the first in his family to complete high school. He is an oral surgeon-cum-civil rights advocate, art collector, and newspaper editor and publisher.  As executive editor and publisher of The St. Louis American Suggs is chief producer and promoter of

Kay Drey: Whistleblower for an Atomic Age in St. Louis

Commentary Kay Drey is an activist, environmentalist, a whistleblower and an Earth Mother. Who could argue that there is anyone more passionate than Kay Drey about protecting humanity from the dangers of the atomic age? Humanity means mothers, fathers, children – it’s not just a word. She is the premier whistleblower because she has educated