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Fox conduct shows need to revive traditional goals

Perfectly objective journalism seems like the perfectly moral life—unattainable by ordinary humans. But recent experience has reaffirmed the importance of the classic journalistic virtues of open-minded fact-finding, and fair, accurate, and complete reporting.   Today we have the most technically sophisticated data-rich information system ever.  But it hasn’t satisfied our need for what Walter Lippmann called

‘ChatGPT might be our staff’s best writer’

Podcasting. Snapchat. Video. Virtual Reality. Podcasting, again. Clubhouse.  As a digital director for media companies and now the digital advisor for West Virginia University’s Student Media department, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had well-meaning publishers, editors, and now college students come to me excited about the hot new thing everyone is using.

Covering a school shooting with compassion

Car headlights streak by as I drive on Route 154 in rural northeast Missouri. The glow from my car’s clock glows back at me – 4:50 A.M. Gravel under my car crunches as I pull off to a general store near Paris, Missouri. “Oh I didn’t see you there!” the register worker tells me under the