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Book Compares Presidential Press Treatment

Jon Marshall, “CLASH: Presidents and the Press in Times of Crisis.” Lincoln, NE: University of Nebraska Press. Potomac Books. 2022. 413 pages. $36.95. Widely acknowledged as one of the leading scholars writing about the intersection of presidential history and American journalism, Jon Marshall of Northwestern University, has made yet another critically important contribution to the

Are investigative reporting and news literacy the new Fairness Doctrine?

We’ve talked about this ad nauseam: How did our once-upon-a-time era of “Walter Cronkite credibility” give way to current polarization perpetuated by rancorous social media? And where is our government in overseeing mass and social media? Why isn’t it fixing this?  What ever happened to the Fairness Doctrine? Couldn’t that be our guide in dealing

Local news outlets should avoid false equivalency in reporting on Covid vaccine

A recent investigative report from NBC News highlighted the danger of our pursuit of false equivalency.  As the Covid-19 vaccines have started to roll out across America, anti-vaxxers are increasingly getting the kind of mainstream news attention they’ve long sought from local news. Outlets reporting on the vaccine have described the anti-vaccination activists as advocates

Mental hazards of reporting not just a danger for war correspondents

After covering shootings several days in a row, Chicago freelancer Evan Moore had to report from a press conference that featured mothers of gun violence victims. It was almost Memorial Day in 2016, and the mothers, now anti-violence advocates, were urging people to stop the violence ahead of what historically has been a very violent