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Essay: St. Louis longstanding alt-weekly dies

The Riverfront Times 1977-2024 By Kallie Cox The heart of St. Louis, and its sole alt-weekly newspaper, The Riverfront Times, died on Wednesday, May 22. My colleagues and I logged on to our weekly staff call at 9:30 a.m. and instantly I started to panic. Our executive editor, Sarah Fenske, was one minute late, and

Newspapers are vanishing, leaving democracy at risk

Newspapers are dying. Young people aren’t reading them. Predatory hedge funds are buying them up, laying off reporters, milking them for profits and cutting home delivery. The result is that democracy is losing its eyes and ears and maybe its conscience.  That was a theme of Rick Goldsmith’s new documentary on the predatory consequences of

Lee Enterprises after Alden

“The model is simple,” declared The Atlantic in its cover story for the November 2021 issue. “Gut the staff, sell the real estate, jack up subscription prices, and wring out as much cash as possible.” The author of the piece, Atlantic staff writer McKay Coppins, was writing about Alden Global Capital LLC, the widely-feared buyout