Alice in Media Land: The Israel-Gaza headlines

“Rockets from Gaza and Israeli response break cease fire”    The New York Times

Those two bad boys just won’t stop fighting. But only one of them “broke” the cease fire.

“Gaza cease fire breaks as militant rocket attacks spur Israeli strikes”  The Washington Post

If only those Israelis could show some restraint and understand that militants will be militants.

“Israel walks out on peace talks in Egypt”  The Boston Globe

The headline is followed by the explanation that the “move by Israel in response to a barrage of rockets fired dealt a harsh blow to nearly a week of diplomacy.”

And what did the barrage of rockets “deal a blow to,” you are left to wonder.

“Israel pulls out of talks, fighting resumes in Gaza  USA TODAY

Those hotheaded Zionists are at it again.

“Israeli leader recalls team from cease-fire talks”  The Associated Press

And again.

“Peace shattered by rocket fire and air strikes hours before cease fire was to end” The Independent (UK)

A conspiracy orchestrated by the Zionists and Hamas “extremists” to shatter in unison and piss off Washington and the United Nations?

“Israel strikes after rockets from Gaza”  The Guardian (UK)

Clear and crisp, until the explanation adds that the rockets “sparked a swift Israeli response.”

They should have waited until the next barrage, you suppose, before acting so “swiftly” and thoughtlessly.

“Truce talks suspended after Gaza rocket strikes”  The Wall Street Journal

The WSJ is considered a supporter of the Zionist entity by Israel’s liberal and left-wing critics, so there’s no mention of those swift retaliatory air strikes. But wadda ya expect from a paper named after that street.

But these are just the Alice in media land headlines. It gets more slippery in the stories themselves.

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