Story remembers Steve Jobs

Computer entrepreneur and innovator Steve jobs was not only a tech pioneer traveling the unexplored rivers of cyber land; he was also an advertising genius.


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ad more in this blog from Advertising Age:


Diversity grows in advertising industry


It’s 2011 – when was the last time you thought about diversity, specifically in the advertising industry? With the rapid growth of various minority groups in the United States steadily pushing toward a shift in the majority; the concept of a predominantly white market is becoming obsolete. 


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Tangerine-Watson Impact Study, a national survey being launched today, aims to get a better understanding of the ad industry’s multicultural community. Take a look at the full story in Advertising Age’s online edition http://adage.com/article/news/multicultural-employees-feel-madison-avenue/229928/


Top 10 marketing trends named

The current state of the global economy, coupled with the steady influx of rapidly upgraded technology, makes for an intriguing 
market canvas with an ever-changing face of advertising, media and marketing agencies, as well as the advertising and marketing arms for media and news sources such as: newspapers, magazines, radio stati

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ons, Internet publications and Television stations.

Here is an article from Entrepreneur Magazine detailing 10 marketing trends of 2011: