Author: Jin Lee

An uncomfortable article to write

Opinion By Jin Lee When the GJR editor asked me to write an article about South Korea, Trump, and North Korea, a strange feeling occupied me, which I could not articulate in words. It was discomfort. In fact, I’ve often felt this way when people ask me, “Is your country safe?” and “Have you ever

Asia media examine Trump: The view from South Korea

by Jin Lee South Korean journalism is paying less attention to international affairs due to seriousness of the political scandal in South Korea. Still, however, journalists here are covering the United States under Donald Trump’s presidency. This is not just because of the bonds between the U.S and South Korea, but because of the status

Concerns about Pokémon Go technology

After the release of augmented reality game Pokémon Go in July, the game became a sensational cultural phenomenon influencing diverse social sectors, including the stock market, smartphone accessories and even the real-estate market. Developed by Niantic for Android, iOS and Apple Watch devices, Pokémon Go is a location-based smartphone game that users play with virtual