Author: Mark Sableman

Fox conduct shows need to revive traditional goals

Perfectly objective journalism seems like the perfectly moral life—unattainable by ordinary humans. But recent experience has reaffirmed the importance of the classic journalistic virtues of open-minded fact-finding, and fair, accurate, and complete reporting.   Today we have the most technically sophisticated data-rich information system ever.  But it hasn’t satisfied our need for what Walter Lippmann called

AI Content for Journalism: Unleash it, or control it?

Artificial intelligence ought to help journalists and other content creators. It’s modern and efficient. Feed it data, tell it the subjects you want covered and watch as the finished articles pop up on your screen. Make a few tweaks and send them out. Sit back and watch the profits come in. What could go wrong? Everything —

Media laws failing challenge of online misinformation and hate

The ways people communicate change over time.  And our laws, including the First Amendment, adapt to those changes.  But it isn’t clear that recent changes and trends are adapting to our needs for truthful and reliable information, and for outlets of dissent, reform, and renewal, within today’s electronic communications environment. When the Bill of Rights