Conservative videos use Obama’s words against him

One notable development coming out of the news surrounding the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla., has been the unveiling of a film and three YouTube videos to add to the GOP’s arsenal against President Obama.

On Aug. 28, the RNC unveil

ed three “These Hands” videos on YouTube that highlights three small-business owners who are unhappy with President Obama’s inarticulate “you didn’t build that” statement. Information about the three videos can be found here:

Also, as part of the RNC activities this week the conservative advocacy group Citizen’s United premiered its new film, “The Hope and the Change.” The hourlong production spotlights 40 former Obama supporters –Democrats and independents alike – who have become disillusioned with the president during his first term in office.

The YouTube videos drew a sharp retort from New York Times op-ed columnist Bill Keller. In an Aug. 28 blog post titled “Lies, Damn Lies and G.O.P. Video,” Keller had this to say: “In another campaign season, the fact that the opposition edited the president’s voice to say something he didn’t say would be regarded as audacious. This year it’s almost unremarkable.”

Keller’s entire blog post can be found here:

The videos and film come on the heels of the July 13 limited nationwide release of the film “2016: Obama’s America.” That film, a documentary by author Dinesh D’Souza, paints a dark picture of what America might look like if the president wins a second term in office.

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