Editorial endorsement hits, misses

Despite the decline in the number of political endorsements made by Midwest newspapers, editorial editors still think the process is a civic duty. There is some disagreement, however, whether or not the endorsements influence voters.

As a foll

ow-up to an article in the fall 2012 issue of Gateway Journalism Review, here is a quick look at a few of the endorsements from some Midwest newspapers as compared to the election results.

Presidential race


Tulsa World endorsed Mitt Romney – Oklahoma went to Romney

Chicago Tribune endorsed President Obama – Illinois went to Obama


Columbus Dispatch endorsed Romney – Ohio went to Obama

Kansas City Star endorsed Obama – both Kansas and Missouri went to Romney

St. Louis Post Dispatch endorsed Obama – Missouri went to Romney and Illinois to Obama



St. Louis Post Dispatch and Kansas City Star endorsed Jay Nixon (D) over Dave Spence (R)

U.S. Senate


Columbus Dispatch endorsed Sherrod Brown (D) over Josh Mandrel (R)

St. Louis Post Dispatch and Kansas City Star endorsed Claire McCaskill (D) over Todd Akin (R)

U.S. House


Columbus Dispatch endorsed:

Missouri 3rd District – Joyce Beatty (D) over Chris Long (R)

Missouri 12th District – Pat Tiberi (R) over Jim Reese (D)

Missouri 15th District – Steve Stivers (R) over Pat Lang (D)

St. Louis Post Dispatch endorsed:

Illinois 12th District – Bill Enyart (D) over Jason Plummer (R)

Missouri 2nd District – Ann Wagner (R) over Glenn Koenen (D)

Missouri 8th District – Jo Ann Emerson (R) over Jack Rushin (D)


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