Judicial posts should not be for sale

Wisconsinites get to choose the direction of their court today. A vote on whether to keep current Wisconsin Supreme Court judge David Prosser or elect JoAnne Kloppenburg has repercussions that will be felt across the Midwest.

The problem is judicial elections shouldn’t be held this way. Judicial elections shouldn’t be for sale as a post in the Madison.com site reflects. The story works but the editorial cartoon tells us all we need to know about this judicial race.

If you are looking for a fair piece on the election, including a bit about the Milwaukee Journal Star endorsing Prosser, read this post by MinnPost. This was as good a piece as you will find on the election.

Finally, one of the best articles about politicizing a judicial race can be found in the USA Today. So yes, all eyes are on Wisconsin for the decision, but that doesn’t mean that it was a good idea.

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