Letters to the editor point out error and cliche in fall edition

Following are a couple of letters to our editor about articles in the Fall 2013 edition:

Hi Bill,

I probably won’t be the only one who points out that your “Editor’s Note” on corrections misspelled a word in the lead paragraph.  The lead paragraph!!!!!

Dentyne is NOT spelled “Dentine.”

I’ll look forward to the correction in the next issue.  In the meantime, 1,000 lashes!

Lee Brown

Professor Emeritus

California State University, Long Beach


GJR response:

Dear Dr. Brown:

Yikes.  A spelling error in my column on corrections. And I was talking about spelling errors no less.  Clearly I need to get you a package of Dentyne for you to sink your teeth into – and help you get the bad spelling error taste out of your mouth.  Sigh…




Here’s another one:


Professor Babcock:

Honest truth: It really pains me to mention this … but in your recent article on “well-worn phrases”,

the words “exact same” set my teeth on edge.

And then, recovering, I wondered: How would you classify “exact same”? As Overused …Incorrect … or Redundant?  Or all of the above?

Just to set my mind/teeth straight, y’know …


Sue Mathias

Clayton, MO


The reply:

Dear Sue:

Speaking of teeth once again, I hope we might brace ourselves until we find the “exact same” orthodontist to set our molars and bicuspids straight.



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