News Analysis: Illinois protects library books; Missouri removes them

Illinois became the first state to ban the removal of books from school and public libraries this summer. But in Missouri, school officials are taking titles off of the shelves now more than ever. The actions from the neighboring states illustrate the increasing power of organized activists and politicians to implement broad legislation. In some

Chief Justice Roberts falling short on recapturing Supreme Court legitimacy

Last December, GJR published “A citizen’s guide to a U.S. Supreme Court losing its legitimacy.” This  follow-up recounts recent ethics controversies and the leading decisions of this past term.) After 18 years, Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr.’s Supreme Court has the lowest credibility of any court in almost a century. The court’s standing has

Where the US stands on migrant laws

In a sweeping decision, the US Supreme Court rejected two conservative states’ push to enforce more aggressive law enforcement initiatives against undocumented immigrants.  The ruling in late June marked a major win to the Biden administration, as the 8-1 decision revives the president’s immigration guideline. Justice Samuel Alito was the only dissenter.  Missouri was one