Some stories deserve to be covered every year

If you’ve ever strapped on shoulder pads and fastened up a helmet, this is a special time. High school football practices are gearing up across the nation and the media is pulling out all the familiar heart-string pulling methods to remind all of us too old to play but young enough to remember this time of year. This year the memories start by listening to country music radio stations.

But it doesn’t take long for traditional media to catch up. In Minnesota the St. Paul Pioneer Press wrote a great headline for the first day of practice and followed by concentrating the overall story on a single player. In Minneapolis, the story concentrated on the Legends of Fall.

In Illinois, practices began and regional newspapers concentrated on raising the questions that need to be answered for 60 plus schools during the course of a football season.

It’s not all just stories about players and teams and memories. Mankato Minnesota wrote a story about concussions.

There are so many ways for sports media to cover this. Even the hyperlocals are paying attention.  New media or old, some stories must be written every year.

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