Sypher trial gives media more buzz for its buck; Blago fizzles

As the summer started it was hard for me not to look just a little bit forward to the Rod Blagojevich trial. It promised so much, a state governor on a corruption trial, the promise of airing dirty political laundry and even the possibility of the political stench reaching the hall of the White House.

But the trial fizzled. There was no long defense and no political intrigue Dems.It has just been a regular corruption trial, without the expected media fanfare recap. Where was the media blitz? It was there but low key. Chicago Tribune columnist John Kass has been covering the trial and has been quick to point out that Blagojevich, at least in terms of Illinois politics, never had the real juice. Maybe that’s why the media reaction has been so low key and why the media has been left to speculation about the why’s in the case more than the whats.

On the other hand, the extortion trial of Louisville’s Karen Sypher gave trial fans all they could want and more. (Verdict). Talk about a media bonanza: a well known college basketball coach, lurid allegations, sex and embarrassing moments for everyone involved in the trial. (Recap). National and regional media have followed this trial intensely and focused on the titillating tidbits.

It has been almost a relief. After Blagojevich fizzled, something had to pique the media’s interests. It’s almost a shame the trial’s over.

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