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Encircling protesters and targeting journalists undermine right to assemble

The right to assemble is as American as apple pie. It is written in the First Amendment — “the right of the people to peaceably assemble.” The American Revolution followed high-spirited protests in the colonies. But legal experts say that police tactics at mass demonstrations are threatening the right to assemble. Kettling protesters, spraying them

The broken heart of America: A response to Walter Johnson

During a webinar about his book sponsored by Washington University Oct. 1, Walter Johnson, the Harvard professor who wrote “Broken Heart of America: St. Louis and the Violent History of the United States, ” was asked by William Freivogel, publisher of the Gateway Journalism Review, to comment on the review GJR has published about his

Another side of protests: Small peaceful gathering in Waco

The protest that I covered in Waco, Texas on Sept. 23 was nothing like the large, occasionally violent ones held in other regions. More than 50 people attended and no one was tear-gassed or arrested. I saw only a couple of counter protesters actually approach the group, screaming “Do you know the facts of the

Reporter’s Notebook: Student journalists find a grieving city

When the Daily Egyptian decided to send staff to Louisville to cover the protests, we prepared to walk into a war zone. Instead, we found ourselves welcomed into a grieving community, where people were attempting to cope with the loss of Breonna Taylor. Taylor was killed March 13. when three Louisville Metro Police entered her