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Pulitzer story becomes a major motion picture

Art Cullen was on a traditional career path, moving progressively to bigger and better paying newspapers and positions before he ended up winning a Pulitzer Prize in 2017. He certainly never imagined along the way that he would ultimately be scraping for dimes to support local journalism as he does as editor of a small

Lost Chicago Sun-Times photos find their way to history museum

For nearly a decade, an archived collection of photographs from the Chicago Sun-Times newspaper seemed lost forever, first to a convicted embezzler and then later to an eBay collector who put them in storage in the boyhood hometown of Ronald Reagan. The photographs, captured by Sun-Times photojournalists over six decades, include a 1991 photo of

‘We are literally all in this together’

Gateway talked to industry professionals and press associations in eight Midwestern states, including Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois and Indiana. This story originally appeared in our spring 2021 issue. The following are some of the dispatches from these states. Missouri Mark Maassen takes umbrage with the University of North Carolina’s Hussman School of