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Lee Enterprises after Alden

“The model is simple,” declared The Atlantic in its cover story for the November 2021 issue. “Gut the staff, sell the real estate, jack up subscription prices, and wring out as much cash as possible.” The author of the piece, Atlantic staff writer McKay Coppins, was writing about Alden Global Capital LLC, the widely-feared buyout

St. Louis judge bars Post-Dispatch publication in murder case

The Post-Dispatch has called upon a St. Louis judge to dissolve an order barring the paper from publishing mental health information about accused murderer Thomas Kinworthy. Kinworthy, 46, is accused of killing officer Tamarris Bohannon on August 29, 2020 at a house on Hartford Avenue. Joseph E. Martineau, representing the Post-Dispatch, called St. Louis Circuit

Remembering St. Louis Post-Dispatch journalist Bob Adams

When former Post-Dispatch Washington bureau chief Bob Adams died in January, he was laid to rest quietly at his home town in Illinois. There was no memorial service in Washington or even an item in the St. Louis newspaper where he had been a stellar journalist for 27 years. Former colleagues remember Adams, who died

News Analysis: Missouri governor’s investigation of St. Louis Post-Dispatch shows misunderstanding of press, tech

Missouri Gov. Mike Parson’s threat to prosecute the St. Louis Post-Dispatch for publishing a story on the state’s failure to keep teachers’ private information confidential is a reflection of the misunderstanding of the press’ role as the watchdog and computer coding, experts say.    Joseph Martineau, the Post-Dispatch attorney, put it this way: “I think the