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Channel 5 captions leave room for improvement

By TRIPP FROLICHSTEIN / It is said you should never cuss around microphones because you never know if it will get on the air. Perhaps the same needs to be said when you write captions. You never know when it might be shown.

St. Louis TV station does disservice to viewers

St. Louis television station KMOV (Channel 4) did an extraordinary disservice to viewers on March 7. Anchor Sharon Reed read, in her usual dramatic style, this promo at 6:20 p.m.: “Tonight at 10, tainted beef on local store shelves. News 4 exposing a major alert that your family needs to know about before your next

Covering the St. Louis winter

This winter, the most-talked-about local news is the weather. It seems like every few days we have another storm of some type. This puts extra pressure on the local television stations who know that people are tuning in to see what it is going to do – and when.