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TV station owes viewers apology for story missteps

No other way to put it: St. Louis television station KSDK (Channel 5) really messed up in their attempt to expose school security flaws. On Jan. 16, Channel 5 sent people to five area schools to check on security. One of them was Kirkwood High School. The Channel 5 staffer was able to get in

Severe weather prompted quick thinking by reporters

by Tripp Frohlichstein / Commendations to Channel 4 (KMOV) for its performance during the severe weather outbreak last Sunday afternoon. As killer tornadoes formed in the area and noon approached, there was no doubt many football fans were concerned their game would not air because of the dangerous weather.

Good investigative reports aired on St. Louis TV stations

by Tripp Frohlichstein / Elliott Davis brought viewers an effective “You Paid For It” this past week as he produced a story (http://fox2now.com/2013/11/13/expensive-deal-costing-st-charles-county-taxpayers-millions/) on what appears to be an inconsistency in how St. Charles County does business. He pointed out that a recent $5 million plus project had only one bid submitted.