Unions, nuclear power and Sharia Law all big Midwest news

A quick look around our region to see what news is being covered by and what isn’t:

Much of our expanded “Midwest” is dealing with questions surrounding unions, teachers and the political ramifications of new regimes trying to make sweeping, sometimes unpopular moves. The recent political upheaval in Wisconsin is creating tremors felt across the country, but especially in the Midwest. One key story is the latest news about Indiana prosecutor Carlos Lam resigning after suggesting to Walker that he fake an attack on himself.  But that isn’t nearly where the latest news from Wisconsin ends. The Republican Party of Wisconsin recently sent a FOIA to the University of Wisconsin asking for a professor’s e-mails that may be critical of the Republican Party. A number of articles have been written about this, including this one from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and this one.

Leaving Wisconsin, Indiana Democrats took a page from the Wisconsin Democrats and hightailed it to Illinois to stop Republican legislation. Here’s how the Muncie Star Press reported the event, while the Evansville Courier Press wrote this.

In Ohio, the Cincinnati Post ran a story questioning the help a funding increase would bring to Ohio schools. The Solon Ohio Patch ran a column on funding as well. The Columbus Dispatch story on Gov. John Kasich’s first 80 days in office suggested that Ohio voters aren’t happy with their choice.

One of the big stories in Illinois gets its roots from the tragedy in Japan. With the largest number of nuclear reactors in the country, most of them as old as the Japanese reactors that failed after the tsunami, questions about these plants abound.  Medill Reports Chicago, the graduate students of Northwestern, wrote a solid piece on the safety of nuclear power plants in Illinois. The Chicago Sun Times and the digital journal ran this piece.

Another topic on Illinois nuclear power plants was the future of the moratorium on new nuclear power plants in this state. How will the future of new power plants be affected by the Japan tragedy? Crain’s Chicago Business News had this article covering Exelon’s concerns about new nuclear power in Illinois.

Missouri, Oklahoma and Tennessee are all dealing with Sharia Law and issues surrounding laws by politicians to prohibit it. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch wrote a solid piece on Missouri’s newest proposal and the . Kansas City Star added its opinion as well.

In Oklahoma, Thinkprogress wrote this while the Oklahoman had this and the Edmond Sun this.

In Tennessee, the law seems to be changing shape. The Tennesseean reported about the changes here here while The Murfreesboro Post had this to say.

One important story that needs more local coverage is the civil rights issues stemming from wiretapping. The New York Times had an article on this while Slate wrote this and the St. Louis Beacon’s William Freivogel, who also is publisher of the Gateway Journalism Review, wrote this.

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