Effects of Citizens United case still unclear

If you were following the coverage of the 2010 congressional election, you probably got the idea that Republicans greatly outspent Democrats, that campaign money had a lot to do with the Republican landslide and that a January decision of the U.S. Supreme Court – Citizens United – opened the floodgate to the huge, secret corporate contributions. That was the refrain of innumerable press reports in the mainstream media, such as NPR. But parts of that picture are misleading, exaggerated or, at least, unprovable based on current campaign finance data.

Tea Party needs to be vetted

To get a better grip on the Tea Party movement, we should take a look back to 2008. In a year when angry voters were expected to vote out Republicans, there was one voice in Red that was drawing crowds. No, it wasn’t Sarah Palin. It was Ron Paul.

Did Kentucky media consumers choose the local narrative?

Polls don’t always tell the truth. That doesn’t mean they lie; it just means they can be misleading. An example could be found if one followed the polls during Kentucky’s U.S. Senate race between Rand Paul and Jack Conway.

Missouri gets high marks for political coverage

As an avid consumer of Missouri political campaign coverage for 40 years, let me be among the first to declare that it has never been better than it was in 2010: more content, additional outlets, sophisticated analysis.

Best Chicago media coverage of 2010 Illinois races

With so much sloganeering and mud-slinging leading up to the Nov. 2 mid-term elections, the challenge for Chicago’s news media—print, broadcast, online—was whether to echo the races’ shallow bombast … or cut through to the issues. By and large, the metropolitan press held to the latter, more difficult course. Which is saying something, given the staff cutbacks and news hole shrinkage of late.

Press Club’s annual meeting

Put Thursday evening, December 2, on your calendar. Press Club’s annual meeting will be from 6 to 8 p.m. in the beautiful Plaza Room of the Ritz-Carlton in Clayton. Dick Weiss will give us a recap of the club’s very successful year and present this year’s CATFISH Award. Charles Brennan will be our entertaining keynote speaker.

Stewart’s right: The media should do a better job

Jon Stewart’s rally to restore sanity turned into a rally against cable news media. The media are still trying to figure out how to react. Some are upset. Keith Olbermann claimed that Stewart “jumped the shark”. The New York Times called Stewart a political activist. The right barely noticed. But if you pay attention to the media reaction to Stewart, you get the feeling that the media aren’t happy.

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