Author: Nancy Day

Pulitzer story becomes a major motion picture

Art Cullen was on a traditional career path, moving progressively to bigger and better paying newspapers and positions before he ended up winning a Pulitzer Prize in 2017. He certainly never imagined along the way that he would ultimately be scraping for dimes to support local journalism as he does as editor of a small

Interim editor and publisher named for The Chicago Reporter

After a 3-month “hiatus,” the parent organization of The Chicago Reporter, an award-winning journal focusing on race and poverty, announced an interim editor and publisher on Monday [Dec. 14]. He is Glenn Reedus, who has worked in Chicago journalism for years. The Rev. Dr. Waldrina Middleton, Executive Director of the Community Renewal Society, who abruptly

Good News: Star Tribune’s ‘Inspired’ paves way in print

Good news is having a comeback. Not the old pet in a tree rescue, but deeply reported, nuanced stories people immediately want to tell to friends and family. The Minneapolis Star Tribune is leading the revival with a weekly, four-page section each Saturday called “Inspired.” On Aug. 4, 2018, Gail Rosenblum became the section’s editor,

‘Are you with us or against us?’ A journalist reflects

Fifty years ago, in the summer of 1968, I was working on my hometown newspaper, the Rock Island Argus. Smithsonian magazine called it a year “that shattered America.” The Kerner Commission, after months of research, declared “white racism,” not black agitators, the primary cause of widespread urban violence the year before. On March 31, Lyndon