Severe weather prompted quick thinking by reporters

Commendations to Channel 4 (KMOV) for its performance during the severe weather outbreak last Sunday afternoon.  As killer tornadoes formed in the area and noon approached, there was no doubt many football fans concerned their game would not air because of the dangerous weather.

But it did.  The main channel, Channel 4, had its meteorologists keeping viewers up to date.  But its digital channel (4.2) and alternate on Charter (85) had the game on.  Smart thinking – keeping everybody happy.

In fact, to make sure people knew where to turn, at one point one of the meteorologists pointed out the game was on digital 4.2 and said it was on Charter too.  Viewers heard him ask, “What channel?” followed by a polite, “then find out.”

Now there is a station that cares about viewers.

Nov.22-weatherforTripppieceGetting graphics and directions straight is important for on-air weather casters.  So it appears Channel 4’s Katie Horner needs some work (see graphic) given west would be on the left side of the screen.

And then there was the line from a Channel 2 meteorologist who told viewers there is “a severe risk of weather tomorrow.” It is pretty much a guarantee there will be weather tomorrow.

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