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Covering a school shooting with compassion

Car headlights streak by as I drive on Route 154 in rural northeast Missouri. The glow from my car’s clock glows back at me – 4:50 A.M. Gravel under my car crunches as I pull off to a general store near Paris, Missouri. “Oh I didn’t see you there!” the register worker tells me under the

Visual journalists change the way they report to cover coronavirus story

When Ali Ghanbari headed out to cover a story about a 5-year-old boy whose birthday was canceled because of a state-wide stay-at-home order, he was thinking about ways to shoot the story and still observe “social distancing” guidelines.  A news photographer at WJW TV, in Cleveland, Ohio, Ghanbari carried at least three boom microphones in

One photojournalist’s story on the frontlines of the pandemic

At first, I wasn’t that concerned. The coronavirus seemed like other global health scares before it. As a photojournalist in northern Illinois, I had watched these stories unfold from a distance. Even my first assignment on Jan. 31 didn’t hint at what was to come. I documented how a local hospital was preparing to handle