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Media laws failing challenge of online misinformation and hate

The ways people communicate change over time.  And our laws, including the First Amendment, adapt to those changes.  But it isn’t clear that recent changes and trends are adapting to our needs for truthful and reliable information, and for outlets of dissent, reform, and renewal, within today’s electronic communications environment. When the Bill of Rights

Are investigative reporting and news literacy the new Fairness Doctrine?

We’ve talked about this ad nauseam: How did our once-upon-a-time era of “Walter Cronkite credibility” give way to current polarization perpetuated by rancorous social media? And where is our government in overseeing mass and social media? Why isn’t it fixing this?  What ever happened to the Fairness Doctrine? Couldn’t that be our guide in dealing

Veteran journalist uses blogging to connect during pandemic

After a hiatus, longtime journalist Tom Strini has returned to the blogging world, but it’s not the world that he left.  Social media and advertising have changed how bloggers engage their audience. These tools can help pull in readers, but good writing is what builds regular readership. Strini knows that he’s a good writer, and

Helping students prepare for future: How journalism educators innovate

Journalism educators face growing demands as they prepare students for a 21st century media industry. Teaching future journalists no longer means just teaching journalistic values and skills such as writing, editing, and ethics. Producing entry-level journalists means helping students develop social media and audience engagement skills, web/multimedia skills, teamwork, and the ability to work under